Hexjector- Web Application Testing Tool

The importance of web application security is not a hidden truth, the web administrators must secure their web application to be secure in the jungle of web.Defacing of website(s) is now the hobbies of different people.

These guys normally don’t have any agenda or aim they are just using different tools and tricks to exploit your web application and deface the whole website only for fun, this is not only a single risk if someone find a way to upload a shell than he/she can easily take control on your server too.
If you can understand these risk so now you must want to know how to protect and fight against these guys, answer is simple and very famous,
“The only way to stop a hacker is to think like one”

You must scan and check your website regular for different vulnerabilities for this purpose use automatic tools like hexjector.
Hexjector is an Open-source, Multi-Platform PHP script to automate site penetration testing for SQL Injection vulnerabilities, cross site scripting vulnerabilities and others.

Key Features 

  • Check for SQL Injection Vulnerablities 
  • Pentest SQL Injection Vulnerablities
  • Web Application Firewall Detector
  • Scan For Admin Page
  • Manual Dump Function
  • Browser
  • SQL Injection Type Detection
  • Search For Vulnerable Sites by using Google Dork
  • MD5 Cracker 

Video Tutorial


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