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There are different computer tips and tricks available to impress anyone, If you are looking for some tips and tricks than read this article.

Lock A Folder In XP Without Any Software
  • For doing create a folder in C drive, suppose folder name is xyz.
  • Now open command prompt from start menu.

  • Now in command prompt type "attrib +s +h C:\xyz" without quotes and press enter.
  • This command will make your folder invisible and it will never seen by anyone even in the hidden file and folder.
  • If you want to make it visible again type "attrib -s -h C:\xyz" 
  • By doing this you can lock any folder of your choice.
Hide Your Drive
This is a small but cool trick to hide your drive/partition of your choice, if you have a personal data in on a partition and you dont want any other to see this data than you can hide this partition in on XP,Vista,7 and 2000 too.
  • Open registry editor by going on start than run and type regedit.
  • Find this
  • Click on explorer
  • Click on "nodrives" key on the right column.
  • You will see something like this "0000 00 00 00 00"
  • After the four set of zero ("0000") you have to write your partition name
  • The first column is for drives A-H, the second for I-P, the third for Q-X, and the fourth for Y-Z.
  • The value(s) of drive as follow:
  • 1 - A I Q Y
    2 - B J R Z
    4 - C K S
    8 - D L T
    16 - E M U
    32 - F N V
    64 - G O W
    80 - H P X
  • So, let's say you want to hide drive D. In the first column you would put "08"

Make An Invisible Folder

  •  Create a folder when you have to enter the name of the folder.
  • Press ALT + 0160 if you do this exactly than your folder has no name.
  •  Right click on the folder > properties > Change Icon .go through the list of icons and then you'll see an invisible icon choose it and then click OK.
  • Now your folder will be invisible and it can see only when you select it.

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