Netsparker- Free Web Application Security Scanner

As i have shared different vulnerabilities and security scanners before, but in this article we will talk about netsparker, I am very happy to write about netsparker because it is one of my favourite web application security scanner on windows plate form.

There are different challenges and security flaw may occur on a web application and a penetration tester must check each and every link.So the automation and automatic tools are the best solution, netsparker is a web security scanner and it works like a charm. Netsparker first crawl the website and than attack on each and every link to find out the vulnerabilities regardless of the plate form of the website. It can find different vulnerabilities including SQL-Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Local file inclusion, Remote code execution and many more.
The developer of netsparker claims to be false positive free means it can confirm the vulnerability of demand.

Netsparker community edition is freely available and it for windows plate form, it can run of windows XP,7,Vista,2003 and 2008. You dont need any security expert , training and long manual to understand and start netsparker because it is GUI and easy to use. Now you can check your web application by yourself. 


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