Maltego- Information Gathering Tool Tutorial

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Now beside whois,Nslookup and tracert command there are some tools that available on market to perform footprinting professionally, these tools provide a wide range of option and techniques to perform a valuable footprinting.  

In this article we will talk about Maltego, Maltego is an open source forensic application that are used to gather maximum information for the purpose of forensic and pen testing, it can represent a result in a very formal and easy to understand format. It is available in two flavours one is community edition and other is commercial version.

You can download Maltego on your windows based operating system and for Linux based operating system. Click here to grab your copy.


 This is the top and main navigation bar, there are two tabs one is investigate and the other is manage tab.

Now we are on the manage tab, where we can see different entities and transforms, but the point of consideration is Palette option turn it on.

Palette option is the main option from you have to drag your main task, for example if you want to gather a information about a person than drag the person option and enter the name of the person to whom you are going to gather information.

After all right click on a person and suppose we have to find the email addresses of a related person, than in the email option click all in the set and your scan will began. Output is depend on your computer processing speed and your internet speed.

Now we have found a related email addresses. Is this enough? No there are more amazing options present on maltego like to your can gather information about DNS server. For this purpose see the video demonstration of maltego.

Video Tutorial

FootPrinting-Information Gathering Tutorial

FootPrinting-First Step Of Ethical Hacking

Dnsmap- DNS Network Mapper

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