How to Crack Password-Protected Zip Files

People using Zip to compress their files beside compression they are trying to lock their important data with password(s).
Now let suppose if you do this same thing with your important files and now you have forgotten password, now what to do now its time to crack it.
This article will teach you how to crack the password of Zip files.

For this purpose we will use Linux based operating system and a tool FCrackZip for this purpose, FCrackZip is a fast and free-ware tool and it is easy to use Zip cracker tool it is similar to fzc and zipcrack. It has been written in assembler and it uses brute force and dictionary based attack to crack or find-out the passwords.
By using a simple Linux terminal and command you can easily crack the Zip password, you can download FCrackZip from your software manager.

Use this command to get FCrackZip from terminal
$ sudo apt-get install fcrackzip
After installing this you have options to attack on your zip file, either choose brute force attack or dictionary attack. 
Here is the simple usage example.
$ fcrackzip -v -b -p aaaaaa -u

By looking the above picture you can easily see the brute force attack against a zip file that is password protected, it took around 30 minutes to find the password for this zip.

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