FootPrinting-Information Gathering Tutorial

As we have discussed about footprinting yes the first step of ethical hacking/penetration testing, if you have not read the previous article than you should read it than you will clearly understand the terminologies and the objective of this article click here.
We are living in the age of information, information is very important and on the first step a researcher try to get the maximum information about the target.

In this article we will discuss the practical aspect of information gathering(footprinting), for demonstrating all the thing we will use Linux and windows based system and some commands.

Different web server give their own information on the internet, i am not going on the theory behind the whois, i just demonstrate you how to use whois command to gather the information. In your command prompt type whois

Nslookup is an another useful command to find the information about DNS server including IP addresses of Computers and MX records etc.

Non-authoritative answer:    canonical name =    canonical name =    canonical name =

 You have seen a simple query now for a name server (NS) type:
 nslookup -querytype=ns
Traceroute(Linux) or Tracert(Windos) is one the important command that would help you to determine the path and the way by which your computer send the packet to the desire(victim) computer.

Traceroute command shows the hope or a router between your computer to the destination computer.

Upcoming Episode Of FootPrinting-Information Gathering Tutorial
This will going to be a series article so it is not end you have to gather more information about victim that must be your client, on the next episode we will try to visualise our destination in the next episode we will use some tools to know about sub domains and their IP’s etc.

Maltego- Information Gathering Tool Tutorial

FootPrinting-First Step Of Ethical Hacking

Dnsmap- DNS Network Mapper

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