7 Security Tips For Smartphone

As the mobile is the most common device to access the web world wide, Smart phones has been changed the way of mobility and the user's using their smart phones for the tasks such as online shopping, accessing bank account, connecting their friends and social networking etc.

Beside each and everything you should secure your online information, smartphone user's identity can be stolen and hacked. There are some security tips for smartphone user's to keep secure their self.

Updates for your phone

Keep up to date your phone so that the latest patch of the software's be install, just like any other operating system, desktop computer and laptop, keep update your software's as a first line defense against hackers and malware.

Public Place

Now a days WiFi networks have become ubiquitous but unfortunately viewing your important information on public WiFi is not secure. You should avoid your email program, social networking sites, online shopping while connecting on public network.

Use Password

You should set a password for your phone and enabling the screen auto-lock time to be three minutes is the simplest way to secure your phone, in case if it stolen than nobody can access into your personal information.

Enable a Wipe feature
In case if you find yourself and your cell phone in difficult situation means if you have lost your phone and you would not able to get it back, than it is good practise to clean all the information store in the cell phone, you can use a wipe application clear your data. Try to download the wipe application that can able to clean your external card too.

Use Encryption  
As you know that the cryptography is the art of secret communication, so you must enable encryption when available. Although encryption is not available in all plate form, but if you find this feature you must use it.

Use Antivirus    
Mobile viruses and malware is developing daily and more quickly, due to the increasing usage of smartphones for banking and other purpose, the attacker can affect your phone by back door so you must secure your phone from these activities. Use the appropriate antivirus for your smartphone operating system. For a variety of antivirus list about android operating system click here.  

Avoid Phishing SMS
Smishing is a term that is a combination of SMS (Short Message Service) and phishing, you must beware and know about these activities. In smishing a miscellaneous user send a message linked with a website and they might ask you to enter your sensitive information on the given web page(may be a fake page).

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