XSSer- Cross Site Scripting Penetration Tool

Security of your web application is very important in the jungle of web where every one trying to get into your web application and trying to get maximum information about your server.
your web application faces various type of attacks, before a miscellaneous user find the way to enter your web you should find the way and fix it. 
There are various penetration testing tools available to measure the security of your web application , as we have discussed about XSS vulnerability scanner before click here.
Beside commercial tools there are some great worth tools present to check the security. XSSer is one of these tools, XSSer is an open source penetration testing, it provides the facility of detecting and exploiting the cross site scripting bug on various web application. The author of this tool are psy and epsylon.Various edition of this tool has been released before edition like "Swarm edition!" and "The mosquito".

Key Feature  
  • Added “final remote injections” option
  • Cross Flash Attack!
  • Cross Frame Scripting
  • Data Control Protocol Injections
  • Base64 (rfc2397) PoC
  • OnMouseMove PoC
  • Browser launcher
  • New options menu
  • Pre-check system
  • Crawler spidering clones
  • More advanced statistics system
  • “Mana” ouput results

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XSSer- Cross Site Scripting Penetration Tool Reviewed by Ethical Hacking on 1:52 AM Rating: 5


  1. Being honest, tell me your verdict of XXSer against Acunetix

  2. every tool is important and every tool has it own functionality and advantages and disadvantages .. XSSer is only for XSS and is open source while Acunetix is a multi purpose tool..


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