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Attacking on a website is a very common now days, many attacker uses SQL-I attack to get the database, there are some different attack that can exploit a website application.

Cross Site Scripting or XSS(CSS) is generally a most common type of web based attack, Cross Site Scripting is an attack done by using the web browser that take the advantage of poorly written web applications. This can be performed by manually or by using the automatic scanner that can scan the web application to find the bug.

This article is not about the teach the Cross Site Scripting, in this tutorial we will share the penetration testing tool to check the web application for any Cross Site Scripting attack.

XSSploit is a multi-platform Cross-Site Scripting scanner and exploiter written in Python. It has been developed to help discovery and exploitation of XSS vulnerabilities in penetration testing missions.
It is first browse the entire website and than check the available forms that may have flaws like XSS, normally comment box,search box or registration form etc.

XSSploit Files

  • The main file. Contains the XSSploit core and the command line interface. 
  • The GUI interface. 
  • Extensions.txt: XSSploit’s spider crawls web pages using REGEXPs. This file contains the file extensions on the server that should be spidered. To add a new extension, simply add a new line in this file and write your extension. Don’t forget the dot. 
  • Exploits.xml: The exploits database. Please refer to this file to create new exploits.  
  • Report.xsl: This stylesheet is a very basic example on how to display the report generated by XSSploit. Put this file in the same folder as the XML report and point your browser to the report file to see the report.


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