Top 5 Free VPN Services

 Before going to the main topic i would like to tell you something about VPN (Virtual Private Network), A VPN is private computer network that uses public network to connect remote machine. For a detail and a long discussion on virtual private network click on here.
 Well in this article we will share some great and commonly used  free VPN services, beside it you can create your own VPN network for the tutorial click here.

UltraVPN is one of our favorite VPN service that are available free of cost. UltraVPN is a client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. It encrypts and anonymizes your network connection.

Open VPN drives UltraVPN, OpenVPN is a SSL/TLS based VPN, it provides high security and privacy. The biggest difference between PPTP VPN and OpenVPN is you need install OpenVPN client software to use OpenVPN service, and OpenVPN DO NOT work on mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad Windows Mobile and Android. But OpenVPN works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
HideIP VPN offers both free and premium service for the user's, it offers free VPN for US and UK. This service is not enough easy to use or sign-up because they give only limited offer per week. It works on Point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP).

Just like other services MacroVPN offer free VPN service for the user's, it provides 128bit PPTP encrypted VPN Connection Service, protection on wifi hotspot. Normally assigned US based IP's.


Its Hidden is save and provides anonymous surfing, it user friendly and have a 7GB dedicated bandwidth, no software is needed. Itshidden do not record about your surfing activities.It uses 128-bit encryption technique to secure the connection.

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  1. I used this free mobile VPN service since one month ago:

    It uses PPTP VPN type and works on most smartphones like iPhone, Android phones or tablet like iPad, no software installation is needed. Speed is up to 1.2Mbit/s, very smooth when watching or video :-)

    Free account/password posted in their web site, every time after VPN is connected, make sure to visit for one time then you will be able to use the free VPN service for 4 hours, it's network bandwidth and performance is really good :-)

    Actually it can be used in windows xp/7 or mac osx OS as well :-) Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for providing this useful information to us!

  3. I have been having trouble finding good free VPN's, so thanks for the list.

    Lifehacker did a list of paid VPN's which is worth looking at, but its nice to have a list of VPN's offering free accounts.!5759186/five-best-vpn-service-providers

  4. very nice information, Friend! Big Thank's

  5. For your information, 2 others VPN Providers are providing free service: overplay vpn and ibvpn

  6. @start-vpn there are so many more providers but we have created the list of best at that time...

  7. Cool ! Such a nice list. Except there is a security issue.

    Why do you think they are free ? Just think what they do with your data they collect. Someone needs to pay for servers and bandwidth. Nothing is for free in this world.

    I would never go with a free one, I'd rather use my unprotected WiFi.

    There is so many professional paid VPN services. I can only trust to them, they are paid and they don't sell my date.

  8. I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well. Great job on this


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