FaceBook Scam Alert

There is no need to introduce facebook, yes we are talking about the facebook the famous social networking plate form for the user’s. Facebook has a large number of user’s and it is on hit list of attacker’s and scam-er. There are so many scamming that has been start and discussed before but now in this article we will discuss on a new scamming rising on facebook. 

This is about the new application “Want to know your total facebook views”.
A scam spreading rapidly across the facebook network, beware from it. Facebook application is the weakest point and the security researcher always warn about it.

In this scam if you accept this application for your profile than it will automatically send messages and will do update your status.
My total facebook views are: XXXX
Find out your total profile views [LINK]
The number of views changes every time and the link is also change,a lot of user’s has been infected and the link is point you to the rough application.

Behind this application the scammers already posted the messages which will be view by your friends,this scam spread quickly because people want to know about their profile views.
By using this application the scammer’s make money because when you want to try this application you have to fill out the survey, every time these surveys is completed the scammer make money.

The solution is simply just remove these application from your profile. Click on the post and click on delete post no click on remove application.

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