BackBox Linux- A Flexible Penetration Testing Distribution

Life changes everyday and the researcher and developer makes new development everyday, if you have not read our previous post on best linux distro for penetration than it is recommended to read it click here.
In this article we will add a new distribution in our list and that is BackBox a flexible penetration testing distribution. BackBox is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS developed to perform penetration tests and security assessments. BackBox is simple, reliable and fast distro, it supports the various penetration testing tool.
Well developed and most commonly penetration testing tools are available on backbox built in. It support both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.

Includes a section within category of Web application analysis, focused on content management systems. This is an interesting distinction because content management systems (CMS) has become a popular choice for Web publishing.

  • Denial of Service
    • siege
  • Maintaining Access
    • weevely
  • Miscellaneous
    • macchanger-gtk
    • netcat
    • netwox
  • Network Napping
    • hping3
    • nbtscan
    • netdiscover
    • p0f
    • xprobe
    • zenmap
  • Privilege Escalation
    • Password Cracking
      • chntpw
      • fcrackzip
      • john
      • medusa
    • Sniffing
      • drifnet
      • dsniff
      • ettercap-gtk
      • ngrep
      • tcpdump
      • tshark
      • wireshark
    • Spoofing
      • python-scapy
      • yersinia
  • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Exploitation
      • Metasploit-3
    • Social Engineering
      • set
    • Vulnerability Scanners
      • openvas
  • Web Application Analysis
    • CMS Scanners
      • blindelephant
      • cms-explorer
      • plecost
      • whatweb
    • Database Assessment
      • sqlibf
      • sqlmap
      • pynject
    • Proxies
      • paros
    • Scanners
      • DirBuster
      • nikto
      • skipfish
      • w3af
      • xsser
  • Wireless Analysis
    • Cracking
      • aircrack-ng
    • Scanning
      • kismet

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