Viruses: Malware [Episode 2]

On a previous article you have learned from basis about malware now in this episode you will learn more deeply about viruses worms and their types with respect to its construction. later on, on the third episode i will show you how to make your own simple and harm virus/worm. 

Once a virus is active, it loads into your computer’s memory and copies itself to applications or system files on disks you use.

Types of Viruses

The different types of viruses are as follows

1. Program Viruses

Mostly virus’s fall into this category, when this virus activate, they infect program files with extensions like (.BAT .EXE .COM etc).

2. Boot Sector viruses
Boot sector viruses infect storage media like hard drives or a floppy disk. A boot sector virus places its own commands into a Master Boot Record (MBR), this virus will run, before the operating system.

3. Multipartite viruses

Multipartite virus is not a new thing it just a combination of program or boot sector virus, these type of viruses attempt to attack both the boot sector and the executable, or program, files at the same time.

4. Resident Viruses

This is one of the most common virus and it’s directly attack in the RAM memory, from RAM memory it can interrupt the normal operation of the system.

5. Macro Viruses

Macro viruses infect a specific program or files that are created by using different applications and have a macro in it, these include word document, power point slide or corel draw etc.

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