Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is a program that run in an isolated partition on real computer(machine). As the name suggest virtual means it is not real, operating system install on VM do not run on real hardware.

When you install an operating system on a virtual machine and that OS tries to communicate with the hardware,

Virtual PC intercepts the communication and responds just as real hardware would.

A Virtual Machine uses virtual hard disk, it creates a virtual hard disk for this purpose you can format and make partition of this virtual hard disk like a real one.


  • Multiple operating system can run simultaneously on a single computer.
  • Do not need to boot other operating system
  • High availability and Secure
  • Since the operating system is on virtual state no virus can affect your hardware.
  • Do not required multiple hardware for multiple operating system means low cost.


  • Slow than the real computer
  • Less efficient


A virtual machine may also be a group of computers that work together to create a more powerful machine. In this type of machine, the software makes it possible for one environment to be formed throughout several computers. This makes it appear to the end user as if he or she is using a single computer, when there are actually numerous computers at work.

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