How To Trace An Email Address

Now a days Email or Electronic mail are the fastest way to communicate, Email are widely used for personal and for business purposes, now consider you have to locate the person who send you an email than how would you do this.
You can trace back an email by using a header of this email, now the question is what actually a header is, and how we use header to trace the location of sender.

Email Header
The Header of an email contain the following information:
  • Information about the sender and receiver email addresses
  • When email was sent
  • Route means where it was sent and how did it arrive to you
  • Detail about the receiver

Below is the process to get and read the header to extract our desired information.

  • Login to your email account
  • Goto your inbox
  • Right click on an email that you want to trace
  • You will see different options
  • Click on View Full Header

Now you can see the header of this email, its time to get the IP of the sender. On header you can see different IP addresses and different routes so how would you identify the IP of the sender. Follow these steps:

  • Scroll down the header
  • Find X-Originating-IP on header
  • Now you come up on X-Originating-IP
  • There is more than one X-Originating-IP
  • So find this one   

X-Originating-IP: [IP of the sender]
From: <email of the sender>

  • Copy this IP and goto IP2location 
  • Paste this IP and get the location of the sender

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