File-Sharing A Security Risk

File sharing is the process of sharing or making data available to others to download from internet or from a local network. File sharing is a key benefit of a network.On the basis of transmission of files or different types of electronic programs of computer system over the network, fire sharing technology is categorized into following two types:

  •  Peer to Peer networks 
  • Services of File Hosting

Security Risk:
Now what is risk, Is file sharing is bad? Here i am going to show you some risk on the basis of these point you have to decided or set your mind about file sharing. 

  • Malware:

When you use file sharing application than it is difficult or sometimes impossible to verify the source of that file. Mostly these applications or services used by attacker to spread their malware, and they want to affect a large number of people. Normally through P2P an attacker spread trojan horse or viruses.  

  • Adware:

It is a type of the spy ware that can infect the your internet connection and when you connect to the internet, this software send you the ads of different types such as popup, or different ads related to jobs etc and when the user clicks the ad it will hack your system. 

  • Protection:

The best way to protect your computer from these risks is to avoid file sharing, if there is a need to use file sharing technology or if you want to utilize this technology than you must follow some rules to protect your computer.
Click here to view the rules. 

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