Setup Internet On BackTrack

Well many people face problem on backtrack and they ask the simple question how to enable internet on backtrack.
This is not so much handy and you can do this by your self just follow these easy steps to do so.

1) Open the terminal

2) type in: sudo ifconfig eth0 up

3)Adding IP and netmask:
    sudo ifconfig eth0 [youripaddress] netmask [your netmask]

4) Adding the gateway:
    sudo route add default gw [your gateway] eth0

5) Adding the DNS server:
    sudo sh -c “echo nameserver [yourDNS]> /etc/resolv.conf”

6) To compile all the above entries
    sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

7) To make the above setting default. If you skip this step you will have to configure your connection on every reboot. So to make the settings persistent:
     sudo update-rc.d networking defaults

8) Reboot:
    sudo reboot

And  you are done. Now you can use your internet connection.

Ehacking Staff
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