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2.2 Basic PING – Foot-Printing – Ethical Hacking Course ( EHC )

About :

In this practical , we are going to learn how to find IP address of the website and other basics of ping . I know this is the very easy and most of you might know but our aim here is to learn from basics .

Requirements :

Clean Windows Installation ( Ping uitlity comes pre installed with most operating systems. I am using windows 8.1

Practical :

1. You need a clean windows installation

PING utility comes bundled with almost all operating systems and is used to test network connections. There are various other tools bundled by default with ping utility and we will study all of those from next practical.

2. Open Command prompt

Command prompt looks like a terminal application with black box and white text in it. Old MS-DOS commands can be executed in CMD.

3. Enter command

You need to enter the follow commands one by one.

(a) PING <website>
example : PING

Now you can enter various options in between the ping command and the target. PING <option> <target>

(b) -T
This command will ping until it is stopped . This is usefull for simple DOS attack. Simply pinging a target. You can press ctrl+C to stop ping.

(c) -l
PING -L 65
This command will send 65 bytes of data in one ping. So you can specify number of bytes to be sent.

You can play around with PING utility and try all the options.

Youtube Video :

Click here to check next practical ( 1 tutorial every week - links will be updated soon )

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