EHC - 2.1 Basic PING Utility

2.1 PING – Foot-printing - Ethical Hacking Course ( EHC )

About :
In this practical, we are going to learn about ping utility . We will be starting from the basics to the core of hacking.

Requirements :
Clean windows installation ( I will be using windows 8.1 )

Practical :

1. You need a clean windows installation

PING utility is bundled with almost all operating systems to test network connections. There are various other tools bundled bydefault with the ping utility .

2. Open Command Prompt

Command prompt looks like a terminal application with black box and white text in it. Old MS-DOS commands can be executed in CMD .

Press windows + R key to open run window.

Type CMD and press OK

3. Enter Ping and press enter

We will study ping command in detail in other tutorials . For now you will get a output describing all the options of ping command. Keep trying all the options.

4. Basic Ping Commands

To ping a website you need to enter 'ping <option> <target>'

<option> stands for the options given above
<target> stands for target IP or target host which includes websites.

Example : ping
Note : we can ping target without stating any options.

Video Tutorial :

More :

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