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Is Phone Verification Fool Proof?

Ping! The sound of a new message that fills the inbox of your email account is not something new. Yet another offer to update your business information, sign up to purchase the latest product or join a new social networking site. However, while filling out details of your business and typing in sensitive information, the thought of misuse of data may be the last one on your mind. However, a spurt in cyber crime over the last few years means that your data may not always be safe. It also means that the transmitted information may not always reach the intended destination.

Malware - A Challenge For Internet Security

Malware is the short form of “Malicious Software”. These softwares are written by attackers for the sole purpose of disrupting computer operation, gathering sensitive information, or gaining access to private computer systems. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, adware etc. There are many disguises for a malware. Sometimes malware is disguised as legitimate software, but deeply embedded in them are tracking software whose sole purpose is to gather marketing statistics. 

iRisking Security by Not Securing the Login Forms

Daily we visit many websites for checking our e-mails, shopping, trading etc. How many times do we check for the legitimacy of those websites? Generally, the website having “https:” and a green padlock is considering a safe and trustworthy. SSL certificate provides such type of security and boosts up the trust of the customers visiting your website.

The Economic Benefits Of Information Security

The ISO 27001 contains a raft of measures aimed at ensuring organizational security from IT related risks.

What the standard is about

The standard contains a set of specifications through which a company or organization can demonstrate that it is certified against IT related risks. An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is an important consideration for any forward looking company. The level of risk to company or organizational data must be analyzed and catered for.  

5 Security Apps To Help Protect IPhone Apps

Smart iPhone practices like carefully vetting apps before you download can help keep your phone safe. However, security goes far beyond making careful choices: If you use your iPhone for business or keep sensitive information on it, you need better protection. Here is a collection of downloads you can use to increase your phone security and prevent viruses, malware, and data theft from ruining your smartphone experience.

How To Detect Online Calling Card Scams

If you suddenly receive bills running up to $1000 on your calling card bill and your account statement shows calls made to foreign countries that you neither do business with nor have any contact with, chances are, you have just been scammed. Calling card scams were on the increase worldwide for a long time and users have to know how to detect such frauds. Luckily, new legislation and increased user awareness has seen a decline in fraud.