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Modern Day Security Vs. Mission Impossible Security

Movie thrillers such as Mission Impossible or the James Bond series include complex hi-tech security systems that the hero has to get past. But how do these fantastical devices compare with real world technology? Are security devices as high tech as those seen on the screen?

Top 9 Antivirus - Tricks of the Trade

Antivirus software is a tool to detect and pull off the malwares. There used to be a myth about antivirus software which needs to be shattered that those should use the one who are not much cautious while using their devices. So the estimated fact is everyone needs to have antivirus software installed in their devices to prevent the user from malware.

What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself Online

When you are browsing the web, searching for information online or simply enjoying online video content, you need to take measures to protect your personal data from getting into the wrong hands. Learning to protect yourself from online hackers, malicious software and other problems will ensure that your identity remains as safe as possible.

Top SSH Clients for iPhone

So you want to enter to your computer or another computer over a network, to give commands in an inaccessible machine, and to move files? SSH or Secure Shell is the program you need.   It provides strong confirmation and secure communications over a not so secured channel. What if you don’t have your laptop with you? This could be really hard since not all computers have SSH. So here is a list of SSH clients for your iPhone.

How to Roll In Linux from Your Android Device

One the recent development for Android is the utilization of MTP rather than mass storage that means by just plugging in your Android gadget to your Linux box will allow you to access the content. Because MTP support in Linux is not pretty good, it could lead to frustration to find easy ways to how to connect your Android device to your PC. Perhaps the most possible option is to install gMTP and then try to connect.

How to Protect Your Apple Mac or iOS Devices

For many of us, owning a Smartphone and computer devices are valuable possessions. It has been a customary practice to depend on mobile technology such as the advanced and technically high end devices like the Apple Mac and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad for our business and personal endeavors. Among the best features of these devices are its security attributes that make its users feel more secure and confident in using them. Being able to know how to protect your Apple Mac and iOS devices by knowing how to use its security features will further optimize your ability to enjoy these devices with a better peace of mind.

Kali Linux Tutorial - Websploit Framework

Websploit is an automatic vulnerability assessment, web crawler and exploiter tool. It is an open source command line utility that composed on modular structure. At the time of writing, there are 16 modules are available on Websploit, it can be downloaded from sourceforge project website but it is available on Kali Linux by default.

Keep Your Online Personal Identity as Secure as Possible

It’s kind of scary! It’s like walking around your house naked with all the blinds and curtains open, giving a show to every peeping Tom. That’s what surfing the Internet without doing anything to protect your privacy is like. Anyone… and I mean ANYONE can see what you do online, what websites you visit, when you surf online, whether you store personal and financial data on your computer ….and more. However, this doesn’t have to be the status quo. You can take action and protect yourself from cyber criminals, peeping Toms, and anyone else who loves to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. Just because your default Internet surfing is too public, doesn’t mean you should stop using the Internet. No… you just need to hang some curtains and put in those blinds. There are actually 7 safe-surfing activities you can practice to better ensure your privacy. Still, these are just ‘best practice’ Internet surfing methods and can’t offer you absolute secure protection. The only way of ensuring your complete and total privacy is by contracting Virtual Private Network (VPN) services.

Why Every Site Should Be Penetration Tested

Penetration testing can get a bad rap due to the unprofessional way in which some people approach it (both clients and testers). Done correctly, it can shine the light on security flaws which are only capable of being exploited by the most dedicated hackers with plenty of time on their hands which is many of them.