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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Android Security

Nowadays with increasing competition in the technology and electronic world, there is increased risk of external security threats. It is always recommended to use your expensive electronics smartly. It is not really difficult but that their few simple steps to follow as offered by the android training course and you can get increased security for your gadget.

Web Vulnerability Scanner

Website security breaches are now a common problem, hackers are targeting thousands of website daily to achieve their malicious purpose. Website security is a common concern for both web-master and the user of this website, after the security breaches the web-master and user both suffers. It is actually a big issue to handle the security breaches, nobody want their website to be hacked. So everybody want to protect their website and the user also want the protection of their important information which store in the database of website, but question is how?

Mitigating Inherent Security Risks Of Software Of Unknown Pedigree (SOUP)

Assuming that third-party suppliers are taking sufficient security precautions is a risky assumption. In actuality, the majority of externally developed software applications fail to comply with existing enterprise security policies upon first submission. As many as eight out of ten initial submissions will fail initial compliance audits. As SOUP is increasingly utilized among today’s enterprises, precautions such as vendor application security testing are an integral part of effective security.

Backtrack Reborn - Kali Linux

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Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing tools are the weapon of a hacker and information security expert, tool is the common requirement for both white hat and black hat hackers. So Linux distributions that have designed specially for penetration testing purpose are very important from the point of view of both attacking and defending.

Magento Security: Tips to Make your Online Store Secure

If you have ever owned a physical store or know someone who has, then probably you are aware of the biggest threat that gives every shop owner some goosebumps- shop lifting. Yes! Theft, frogery or shop lifting are the biggest nightmares of any store owner. But sadly enough, these threats are not restricted to the brick and mortar shops only. Online shopping portals are equally vulnerable to security threats and malware attacks. If you own a Magento e-commerce site, you can relate with this fact well.

Security Awareness Training: Why Every Business Needs It

The need for security awareness training is more important than ever. Every company that plans to stay competitive must make this type of training mandatory for every employee. The reason for a stringent and complete training program and the need for every employee to be aware of security is the surprising direction from which security threats may come. The security threat that companies face comes as much from within as it does from outside corporate spying.

How to Choose a Suitable Wi-Fi VPN

Choosing the right WI-FI VPN now a day gets even trickier in the presence of so many alternatives. A person deciding to buy one of them amongst many has to forgo the features offered by the others in the same line as every VPN provider has its own uniqueness. Here are a few factors with which a person can judge which VPN provider goes the best for their new WI-FI VPN connection.

IT Security Professionals Are In Short Supply And High Demand

The sixth Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) recently found that businesses struggle with finding qualified IT security professionals. This study provided by (ISC) 2, Booz Allen Hamilton and Frost & Sullivan surveyed over 12,000 information security professionals and is simply one of many to recently be conducted.

5 Best Ways to Recover iPad or iPhone Data

An iPad is a wonderful piece of technology familiar to hundreds of millions of us and on the whole, very reliable. Unfortunately, they suffer the same glitches and environmental abuse that laptops are prone to and can sometimes create havoc when the result is data corruption or loss. 

The Largest Corporate Hacks Of All Time (So Far)

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With the majority of information now stored online, corporate hacks have become ever frequent, and it seems that larger companies are failing to fulfil their security duties. But is it possible to beat the ever advancing techniques of hackers? Here are some of the largest corporate hacks of all time and how they could have been prevented.

The 6-Strikes Rule is Coming: Will it Impact You?

The commonly called "six-strikes rule" has been batted around since 2011. The fairly new Center for Copyright Information is the driving force behind this initiative which they refer to as the "Copyright Alert System." When internet service providers detect the unauthorized access to copyrighted content, they send warnings to subscribers. Repeat offenders may experience temporarily reduced internet speed, temporary downgrade in service tier or a compulsory online education program. Subscribers penalized with the online education program would be redirected to the page. Though it's not explicitly stated, it is implied that no other internet access would be allowed until the online program is completed.

Ethical Hacking via Wifi Hacking Android Apps

In a world where most people are almost frequently connected via the internet even when on the go, it’s easy to forget about security. The need to stay in constant communication with friends, family, or colleagues tends to overshadow the need for privacy and security. As such, many are still using public Wi-Fi networks despite the uncertain safety or questionable authenticity of such networks.