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How to Prevent WordPress Website from Being Hacked

Hacking has been going on since the birth of the Internet, but lately online criminals have taken it to a new level. Not only are digital villains cracking into our email, social network profiles and bank
accounts, but they are now hacking into websites for a whole host of reasons. Some hackers are looking to gain access to your website as a means to access your audience and usually spam them with useless links and very unprofessional content, but some are just looking to get under your skin. Also, mostly hackers aren't actual people, they are robots designed and developed to get into your WordPress dashboard quickly and without you even noticing, until you see the mess they've left behind. If you're using WordPress to host your website, chances are the security levels aren't as high as they should be. Hackers know exactly how to crack your password, move through your security system and use your website at their will. This can cause huge losses in audience, reliability and really makes you or your business look incredibly unprofessional. If you're looking for the best ways available for protecting your precious website from being hacked, here's what we recommend you do:

Guide to Facebook Graph Search & Privacy

It’s hard to remember a time without Facebook. The worlds’ largest social networking site has been a huge part of our lives and businesses since 2004, and certainly shows no sign of slowing down. But the way we use Facebook – whether for business or pleasure – is set to change for good, with the introduction of Graph Search.

The Security Risk of Mobile Devices in the Workplace

Mobile devices have a huge range of benefits in the workplace – from increasing the productivity of employees by enabling them to keep working on the move, to allowing improvements in flexibility such as operating from home.

Computer Forensics Gains Popularity On Screen

Television shows and movies that deal with crime are often full of various types of forensic specialists who are instrumental in solving the cases along with the detectives and agents. Of course, real world forensics is a bit different from what we see on the television screen and in movies. Those shows have dramatic license, which means that sometimes the things that you see while watching have some exaggerated elements in order to achieve the effect that the writers need for the characters or the plot. Still, you will find that computer forensics is starting to get quite popular on screen, even though it might not have quite as much popularity as other areas of forensics do.

How to Surf Anonymously?

If you thought that no one knows what you are doing online, then you were definitely wrong. Nowadays almost anyone can track down your online surfing habits, find exactly which sites you've visited, and make a comprehensive profile about your likes, dislikes and searching preferences. The federal government, private businesses, web sites and search engines, they're all capable to observe your activity and store cookies on your computer for further tracking purposes. However, there are few things you can do to protect your online identity. Read on to find the easy ways of surfing anonymously:

How to Extract Metadata from an Image

Information security is an interesting field and profession which is not limited to find vulnerability on the network and website but it involve different techniques to secure an information, the word “Information Security” give its meaning by itself. To find information we need to find the source of information, it is always good to find the maximum information because information helps us to get success. Information might be get from human (Social Engineering), database (Database Hacking) and even some relevant information can be fetch out from an image and video.

Ramp Up Security And Email Delivery With SMTP DKIM


Email deliver-ability is one of the most prevalent concerns of many business owners. And rightly so, low delivery rates hurt the bottom line of a business especially if email is the key communication tool of the company. There are many ways to address this issue. One of the most effective methods used by major enterprises these days is SMTP DKIM or Domain-keys Identified Mail.

How to Prevent Identity Thefts Online

Cyber crimes, particularly identity thefts online are very common today. With cyber criminals on the prowl, your personal information is an easy target for these criminals who thrive on stolen identities that they use to open accounts in a third person’s name and indulge in impersonation that can leave you in a dicey situation. It is very easy for a criminal to sit in the comfort of his home and commit such crimes, with the hope of getting away, which he is able to manage most of the time. Hence, it is in your interest to safeguard yourself and prevent such untoward incidents. 

5 Steps to Secure Your Wireless Network

In this post, we will discuss 5 effective ways by which you can secure your wireless network and protect your system from hackers. Honestly speaking, securing your wireless network isn’t difficult at all. The main objective of securing wireless network is to restrict others from gaining unauthorized access to your system. Given below are 5 steps by which you can secure your wireless network.