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Choosing DDoS Protection Services - Factors To Keep In Mind

One of the most common problems that affect networks is something known as the Denial of service attack or distributed denial of service attack. It is commonly denoted by the abbreviation DDoS. It essentially means that a particular network resource is cut off for use from its target users. There are many ways in which such DDoS attacks take place. Therefore it is in the interests of the organization or the individual to choose best in class DDoS protection services. There are plenty of sources of information on the Internet as far as information on firms that offer such DDoS protection services are concerned. 

'itsoknoproblembro' Toolkit - The Beast that Beat Banks

Large scale, sophisticated distributed denial of service attacks - which have plagued the banking industry for months now - are finally subsiding. These attacks, which for the most part have been politically and socially motivated, have been cause for concern for security experts, government officials, and banks.

Android Security - Tips, Must-Have Apps & Possible Risks

While the biggest advantage of Android lies in its being open source, it also poses great danger because it leaves any device running on it open to malware and attacks. Here are some security tips, must apps and possible risks to ensure you get more out of your phone, tablet and other handheld gadgets.

How to Secure your Computer When Using a Public Network

Most operating systems come with in-built firewalls and safeguards with their default setting turned on. Yet, there are increasing incidents of hackers obtaining sensitive information of web users. Today most critical activities like bank-to-bank funds transfer, shopping, mail, social networking, etc. are all carried out on public Wi-Fi connections and shared platforms. 

Experts Contemplate If OWASP Top 10 List Should Be Changed Or Not?

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an organization that grabbed the attention of millions through its incomparable services. It’s a Non Profit Organization that alerts the users worldwide about the Security weaknesses of the various applications and many security flaws of various Internet Applications like Internet Banking. It also warns about the security aspects of computers too. Providing updates on all the latest information regarding new web apps has been a top focus of this autonomous body. OWASP continuously assesses the security levels of these applications. Many new internet users find it very handy.

Facebook Places Location Tracking - Risks

Facebook, the most visited social networking site and also the chronicle of life these days for many of us, has constantly updated its features. The social networking giant is now a part of the day-to-day routine for more than one billion people all across the globe. But, how many people have checked the Facebook Places Location Tracking feature? Have you ever bothered to even click the Places map on your Facebook Timeline, and check what it is all about? How many even know what exactly Facebook Places Location Tracking is?

Developing Secure Software's - Basic guide

Security issues are omnipresent, especially in the development arena. Security risks can attack an application anytime and from anywhere. It could either be the overtly generous permissions or bad error handling code. Even a minute negligence is enough to spoil your entire software application. You might accept every user input without second thoughts. You might forgo the services running on your server, so on and so forth. To give you a kick start towards safeguarding your code and development network, here are 5 tips that you must be mindful about as a software developer. 

Mobile Internet Security Threats and Prevention

As the use of mobile devices continues to climb at astronomical rates, cyber criminals are customizing their attacks to specifically target mobile devices.  Over the past year, there are three mobile Internet security threats which have proved to be particularly effective and dangerous.  As long as they are effective, hackers and cyber criminals will continue to rely on them.  Fortunately, by understanding what the most common mobile Internet security threats are and how to stop them, everyone can take proactive steps to protect themselves.

6 Most Common Mistakes That Compromise Online Security

There are a variety of things someone can do to create multiple layers of protection against Internet security threats. Unfortunately, every layer of protection can be compromised by making simple mistakes. Many times these mistakes are made unknowingly, which allows Internet security threats to take root undetected. With a greater understanding of common mistakes, it will be easier for people to avoid making them.

Protect Your Password, Protect Your Security

Having a strong password does not guarantee security of your data and information saved online. Its just a mirage unless you find out that your account has been hacked. There have been times when users unknowingly pass on their passwords and sensitive information to hackers. And you would have to bog your minds and have different passwords for every online account of yours, in order to save from password theft. It's not a Hercule's task - all you need is to be cautious and prudent about your online activities.

ProxyChains + Tor Backtrack 5 R3 Tutorial

To remain anonymous is one of the important aspect of Information Security, if you want to conduct penetration testing on a remote computer then active connection is required which surely reveal your identity, sometimes you need to hide your identity while doing vulnerability assessment because of your anonymity and security. Proxy Chaning is a concept which is very helpful to hide an identity on the Internet.