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Malware In Your Car - How Hackers Kill You

While we may not be headed for a dystopian era where our automobiles are our overlords, forcing us to do their bidding or they'll crush us to death with their mega-ton bodies. It sort of sounds like a transformers meets Armageddon situation. While this scenario is very far-fetched and improbable, there are some equally terrifying things that people have and can do remotely to your car.

Google Tracked Web Users Bypassing iPhone Security

This is an era where innovative technologies hit the market on a regular basis. In fact, humans have been quite accustomed to the technological changes that take place so frequently. Also, lives of people have become too much dependent on these modern innovative technologies. Be it internet, mobile smartphone, or television media, people have become extremely intoxicated to using these devices.

GameOver Web Security & Hacking

Project GameOver was started with the objective of training and educating newbies about the basics of web security and educate them about the common web attacks and help them understand how they work .  GameOver has been broken down into two sections .
Section 1 consists of  special web applications that are designed especially to teach the basics of Web Security .