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Santoku Linux Mobile Forensic & Security Distribution

Santoku is a platform for mobile forensics, mobile malware analysis and mobile application security assessment. The free Santoku Community Edition is a collaborative project to provide a pre-configured Linux environment with utilities, drivers and guides for these areas. The alpha release is based on a fork of the OWASPMobiSec distro.

War Driving | An Act of Wireless Hacking

How to map a wireless network and how to exploit by finding vulnerabilities of a wireless network this is called wireless hacking but when the hacker (attacker) is continuously moving and try to map as much wireless network as he/she can this is called war driving. We have previously discussed war driving | Wireless LAN hacking and in this article we will share a presentation on war driving that a member of has presented before.

Steganography VS Cryptography

Cryptography is the most common method to protect important information, cryptography techniques are very useful to protect and secure the perimeter. Steganography is an art of hidden communication and in this article we will discuss about steganography with the background and we will have a deepest look. Secret communication is not a new term and human have being using this term from ages infect animals has their own way of communication. 

BackTrack 5 R3 Released

Backtrack is one of the best Linux distribution for penetration testing, it helps ethical hackers to perform the penetration testing on the network, web application, wireless network, RFID and many more. Backtrack 5 was the last released but now backtrack 5 R3 has been released by the backtrack community. 

Spoofing and Spear Phishing | Traditional Solutions are Not Enough

Receiving spoofed emails is a nuisance, irritating and inconvenient, but generally spoofed emails are easy to identify and recipients delete these emails – making spoofed emails irritating but practically harmless. But cybercriminals don’t stop at spoofed emails. These savvy individuals are constantly trying to improve their tactics and businesses need to keep pace. When cyber criminals craft targeted spear phishing emails, spoofing can become a potentially dangerous event.

Hcon Security Testing Framework

HconSTF is Open Source Penetration Testing Framework based on different browser technologies, Which helps any security professional to assists in the Penetration testing or vulnerability scanning assessments.contains webtools which are powerful in doing xss(cross site scripting), Sql injection, siXSS, CSRF, Trace XSS, RFI, LFI, etc. Even useful to anybody interested in information security domain - students, Security Professionals,web developers, manual vulnerability assessments and much more.

Web Application Exploiter (WAppEx)

WAppEx is an integrated platform for performing penetration testing and exploiting of web applications on Windows or Linux. It can automatically check for all type of security vulnerabilities in the given target and then let you to run various payloads to exploit and take advantages of the vulnerability.