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SQLmap GUI - SQL Injection Tool

SQL injection is the most dangerous vulnerability that can cause a great harm to the website and their database, web application penetration testing is the right way to audit the security of a web application, since penetration testing means to confirm the vulnerability by exploit the vulnerability and there are several exploitation tool for SQLi is available and SQLmap is among of them.

VoIP Sniffing Cracking Phishing & Metasploit Testing Tutorial

We have discussed about the VoIP penetration testing and security risk and this is the second part of this series article/tutorial, VoIP and wireless security is an important field to discuss because the security risks are very high so below is the demonstration on VoIP hacking with different tools and operating system that has been used for the demonstration was Linux backtrack 5 r2.

CERT Basic Fuzzing Framework (BFF)

The CERT Basic Fuzzing Framework (BFF) is a software testing tool that finds defects in applications that run on the Linux and Mac OS X platforms. BFF performs mutational fuzzing on software that consumes file input. (Mutational fuzzing is the act of taking well-formed input data and corrupting it in various ways, looking for cases that cause crashes.)

VoIP Penetration Testing & Security Risk

VoIP or voice over IP (Internet protocol) is a transmission mode designed for use in voice and multimedia communications. As IP (Internet protocol)-based networks like the Internet seem to be most successful communications infrastructure, the traditional telephone network is currently being replaced VoIP. Nowadays, its clear improvements and advantages over the old systems make it a popular substitute, with a number of advantages. Among them:

Ghost USB Honeypot - USB Malware VIdeo

Ghost is a honeypot for malware that spreads via USB storage devices. It detects infections with such malware without the need of any further information.The honeypot was first developed for a bachelor thesis at Bonn University in Germany. Now development is continued by the same developer within the Honeynet Project.

Flame Virus Deep Analysis

Flame virus is linked with Stuxnet but flame is more dangerous then stuxnet and according to some researcher that the real bomb is flame while the stuxnet was just for testing purpose, who has created the flame and stuxnet this is the question needs an answer but in this analysis we will see that the propagation method of flame, how flame spread ? How it hack into the computer and what are the some major target countries ?

AnonTube Anonymous Video Website

Anonymous the famous hacktivist group who has been involved on the several activities, anonymous has previously released anonbin an alternate of pastebin but at this time anonymous has released their video channel or a video website called AnonTube. According to the anonymous official the Anontube is the place where everyone can put videos of hacking and music.

Find the Secret Message – Cracking Challenge

Information security is a very broad filed of IT and it involve the activities of hacking, cracking, penetration testing, computer forensic and many more. We have discussed various aspect of information security via different articles and tutorials and this time we are presenting a cracking challenge which is some kind of a reverse engineering and computer forensic. The theory behind the cracking is to evaluate your intelligence level, I mean how quick you can understand the problem and how fast you can get the solution.