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Backtrack 5 R2 Release - Update to Backtrack 5 R2

How to update and upgrade your current (backtrack 5 R1) backtrack machine into the latest version backtrack 5 R2, however backtrack 5 R2 will be release on 1st March but the kernel of BT5 R2 has been arrived and you can update it by yourself or wait for the official release. The new kernel of 3.2.6 BT5 R2 will provide a more stable and complete penetration testing environment than ever before.

DPScan Drupal Security Scanner Tutorial

There are different CMS (content management system) are available like wordpress, Joomla, light CMS and Drupal. Security of each CMS is very important and as a penetration tester point we need to make a website secure by doing a penetration testing on it. There are different tools are available to enumerate into wordpress and joomla and to find the known vulnerabilities in wordpress and joomla but there is no tool for other common content management system like drupal.

How to Hack Linux -Metasploit Tutorial Backtrack 5 R1

Metasploit is a wonderful tool for penetration testing that contain a database of publicly known exploits for various operating system and software's, we have discussed how to hack windows via metasploit on backtrack Linux but how to hack Linux (Ubuntu and any other Linux) via metasploit. Metasploit contain several exploits for Linux operating system too but we can windows exploit for Linux. This is the video tutorial in which I will show you how to hack a Linux operating system because in the penetration testing sometimes we need to get the root access on the server or computer.

Protecting Your Wifi-Connections - ISPs are not Your Mothers

If you have recently got a new Wi-Fi connection then you will need to know the best ways to protect it. The problem with Wi-Fi is the fact that, as it is ranged, anyone can connect to it if you leave it unprotected.

Most routers will come equipped with a password; however you need to make sure if yours is activated, as there are many problems associated with routers that don’t. If you are unsure of how to go about doing this, it is usually a fairly simple process – websites such as Broadband Expert will show you how best to do it, so it is good to look there.

(Courtesy of StephenEdgar - Netweb)

Top Security Apps for iOS

Apps can be built for every purpose. They can be simple games, or they can add new features to your phone or tablet. One of the coolest functions that apps can provide is security. Through a combination of iOS and a mobile broadband connection, home security from anywhere is as simple as launching an app. I've sorted through a number of the apps on the iTunes App Store in search of the best mobile and home security apps for iOS.

How to Install Wordpress on Localhost Linux Backtrack 5

Wordpress is a wonderful and user friendly CMS (content management system), there are so many blogs now a days are using wordpress software for their blogging. Although there are different other CMS software's are available but wordpress has its own importance due to its amazing features, well this article is not about to discuss advantages of wordpress over other CMS like Joomla but the main aim of this article is to demonstrate. How to install wordpress on your Linux machine whether localhost or remote (web server).